Friday, August 10

Google Handwrite - New Way to Search on Tablets and Smartphones

Google is day by day making our daily search experiences better and amusing . Whether they have a playable google doodle or their search gimmicks . Yet , google never stops . The new and better things keep coming from google .

This time they have introduced the new way to search from mobile devices . They call it the Google Handwriting . It is currently available in 27 languages . What makes it fun - you just enable this feature on your device and go to google homepage . Now start drawing the alphabets of the words like in any drawing app . Google will translate your drawing into the search bar and show you recommendations .

Friday, August 3

How to-make Image Links that glow

This tutorial will tell you how to make your own image link to put up on your blog or website .

1) For an image link you are required to have the desired 'link' as well as the the 'image' . Note that the img src should be a link from the internet and not from your computer's folder .

It should not be like this : img src="C:\Users\...image.jpg" .