Friday, August 10

Google Handwrite - New Way to Search on Tablets and Smartphones

Google is day by day making our daily search experiences better and amusing . Whether they have a playable google doodle or their search gimmicks . Yet , google never stops . The new and better things keep coming from google .

This time they have introduced the new way to search from mobile devices . They call it the Google Handwriting . It is currently available in 27 languages . What makes it fun - you just enable this feature on your device and go to google homepage . Now start drawing the alphabets of the words like in any drawing app . Google will translate your drawing into the search bar and show you recommendations .

Friday, August 3

How to-make Image Links that glow

This tutorial will tell you how to make your own image link to put up on your blog or website .

1) For an image link you are required to have the desired 'link' as well as the the 'image' . Note that the img src should be a link from the internet and not from your computer's folder .

It should not be like this : img src="C:\Users\...image.jpg" .

Thursday, June 28

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook is the largest and the biggest Social networking site on the internet . Fun fact - There are more people on facebook than there were people on the earth just 200 years ago !!

I think facebook nailed it . With so many people using their website , for chatting with their friends and family , they launched their own facebook messenger ( only for windows ) .

Google Now - Life Changing Innovation

At the Google I/O , google just amazed everyone when their google now presentation ended . Everyone was thinking about a fruit , yea apple . Google now is somewhere around a tonne times better and innovative than Apple's Siri voice assistant is !!

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean - Faster and Better

After a few months of rumors and leaked news , Google has landed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to its Inside Outside just an hour ago . This firmware update makes the android experience even more buttery  and smooth all around .

Wednesday, June 27

Google Inside Outside - Expected Changes

After Google put up their new Android bot in their android park at their headquarters , everyone is asking what it is . People , that is the new firmware update for android 4 to 4.1 and has been name Android jelly bean . Google always come up fresh and new ideas for the name of their updates , for example - android 2.3 is called gingerbread , android 4.0 is called and now , android 4.1 will be called jelly bean .

Well , the most expected date of their launch is tomorow (yes , that early) at their Google I/O (Inside Outside) . Its a few hours away from now , and I think you would be excited .

Tuesday, June 26

Reason to buy a PS3 - Exclusive Games

So this article is going to tell you all the reasons that would beg you to buy a ps3 and not xbox 360 .

If you want a breakdown of hardware aspect of the war between PS3 and Xbox 360 - go here 
Who wins motion controlled games ? Kinect or Move

As the title suggests , The main reason to buy a Sony ps3 is the list of the amazing games that are available in the market . Did you know that Sony PS3 has 200 exclusives till date ! Compared to Xbx 360 - they have 150 . You must be saying that 150 is also not bad  but when you see the games , you will come to know that sony PS3 exclusives are better . The only Microsoft Xbx 360 exclusive that can be compared are HALO series and  Gears of War series .

Monday, June 25

Best Smartphone to buy now which is not iPhone

Looking for a smartphone and you do not want to wait till this fall when apple is most likely to launch the new iPhone 5 ? Well , you came to the right place . Do not worry , there are many selections that can be made .

Actually , there are so many great smartphone choices open in the market , that you may get a dilemma for finding your perfect match . The top 3 smartphones to buy right now excluding iPhone 4s are -

1) HTC One X 

After Htc , the Taiwanese giant , faced some financial setbacks this year , they have now opted to make fewer phones of better quality . They launched their One series this year and it is a bomb . The highest grossing phones of one series are Htc One X and Htc One V .

Htc One X offers a great 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 capacitive touchscreen and its outdoor visibility is up to mark . A 1.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor with NVIDIA tegra chip will make your world speedy as hell . The phone comes pre-installed android ics 4.0.3 . The camera on this phone is exceptional , 8mp primary and 1.3 mp secondary . Internal storage is 32 GB without any upgradable memory option  .

  • Extend Phone Battery Life

    While I was surfing the web , I read and liked this post :

    Five not so obvious ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone

    "  W
    hile smartphones are taking on many of the features of personal computers, it is not really practical to leave them plugged into a wall throughout the day. This is a problem as apps, navigation services and faster network connections are causing our batteries to run out of juice more quickly than ever. 

    Sunday, June 24

    HTC One X - Review

    Htc One to the power of x , yes that is the latest phone launched by htc , the One X . Apart from a little tweaks and bugs on tegra 3 chip model and the sense 4.0 , This phone has the capability to run over any other phone while running side by side with the samsung galaxy s3 (and some may say add Sony Xperia S to the competition but htc one x narrows sony just by an inch! ) .

    We knew something was coming new to MWC (mobile world congress) when htc launched Titan II at CES . So here we have it , the all new htc one series that has one v , one s and one x .

    Saturday, June 23

    Windows Phone 8 and 7.8

    Bought the new Nokia Lumia 900 or Htc Titan 2 ? I am so sorry to tell you that , in an year , your phone will be outdated . Windows phone 8 will be coming in nokia and htc handsets from this fall . What's the biggest thing , WP 7.5 is not upgradable to WP 8 .

    Did you notice something new in windows surface ? Yes they changed their logo to a new tiled sharp and distorted logo which is better than the old one .

    Wednesday, June 20

    Microsoft unveils Surface

    With this launch , Microsoft has taken an unusual step . The Windows OS makers will now be competitors with their partners who use their OS . Isn't that weird .

    Tuesday, June 19

    HTC One V - Review

    Not long ago , HTC unveiled it's new One series and they hit us with 3 of them (sony did that too with their NXT series) namely , One V , One S and their current flagship One X .
    Htc one v is just a level ahead of the entry level smartphones as it comes with pre-installed android 4 . Even Sony Xperia S is struggling to get that !

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Review

    Android users can now boo over the hyped iOS as the world has welcomed a new beast , the Samsung Galaxy S3 . The S3 comes comes in 3 different variants according to its internal memory - 16GB , 32GB , 64GB but the memory issue can be neglected as it comes with a microSD slot upto 64GB .

    This phone stands as the Korean Company's flagship . Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note , S3 is also somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet . With Galaxy S2's great success and sales , Samsung had to come up with a sequal that has better hardware , performence and oh , better looks with unique features (spoilers) . It's rivals can be HTC One X and the Sony Xperia S and (the over hyped ) iPhone 4s .  

    Monday, June 18

    Sony Xperia U - Review

    In the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 , Sony unveiled its new flagship of the its new NXT series, the Sony Xperia S . Along with this Sony also showed off Xperia P and Xpeia U which look are similar in looks with Xperia S . Sony made a smart move , launching 3 phones at 3 different retail prices which will appeal to consumers .

    Sony Xperia U

    Wednesday, January 25

    Top 3 phones launched at CES 2012

    This year's CES was not so good as we didn't see many new phones or updates coming up but then also you always get something new that is better than the previous one .
    As CES has dropped its little bombs over the International market , We at TECHNISM TODAY have selected the best smartphones that were unveiled in front of us .
    If you want all the phones launched at the event head over to the CES 2012 tab on the top of the page .

    Monday, January 16

    Nokia Lumia 900 unveiled at CES 2012

    Frankly, the Nokia Lumia 900 looks exactly like the Lumia 800 from before, but to say it bluntly, it’s just, well, you know – BIGGER! Sporting that same lovable unibody polycarbonate design as its smaller-sized sibling, it’s absolutely a pleasure to behold since it’s still so foreign looking when compared to everything else out there. Sure, some of us might think and wonder for a moment as to why they didn’t go with a new design, but to tell you the truth, this is how Nokia is going to distinguish its Lumia line from everything else. All in all, it’s still one fantastic and chic looking device that embodies a lot of hip qualities.
    see below for the press release at CES 2012
    Nokia Lumia 900 with 4.3-inch AMOLED WVGA screen

    Just like the Lumia 800 we reviewed late last year the new 900 features the same 1.4 GHz single-core processor, but don’t let that fool you as this device is screaming fast and exceptionally fluid. You can see from the video below the 4.3-inch AMOLED WVGA display is very vivid and bright. I was only able to hold it for a brief moment before it was yanked from my prying fingers but it feels great. The soft-coat matte finish is wonderful to say the least.