Monday, June 25

Best Smartphone to buy now which is not iPhone

Looking for a smartphone and you do not want to wait till this fall when apple is most likely to launch the new iPhone 5 ? Well , you came to the right place . Do not worry , there are many selections that can be made .

Actually , there are so many great smartphone choices open in the market , that you may get a dilemma for finding your perfect match . The top 3 smartphones to buy right now excluding iPhone 4s are -

1) HTC One X 

After Htc , the Taiwanese giant , faced some financial setbacks this year , they have now opted to make fewer phones of better quality . They launched their One series this year and it is a bomb . The highest grossing phones of one series are Htc One X and Htc One V .

Htc One X offers a great 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 capacitive touchscreen and its outdoor visibility is up to mark . A 1.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor with NVIDIA tegra chip will make your world speedy as hell . The phone comes pre-installed android ics 4.0.3 . The camera on this phone is exceptional , 8mp primary and 1.3 mp secondary . Internal storage is 32 GB without any upgradable memory option  .

  • Extend Phone Battery Life

    While I was surfing the web , I read and liked this post :

    Five not so obvious ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone

    "  W
    hile smartphones are taking on many of the features of personal computers, it is not really practical to leave them plugged into a wall throughout the day. This is a problem as apps, navigation services and faster network connections are causing our batteries to run out of juice more quickly than ever.