Thursday, June 28

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook is the largest and the biggest Social networking site on the internet . Fun fact - There are more people on facebook than there were people on the earth just 200 years ago !!

I think facebook nailed it . With so many people using their website , for chatting with their friends and family , they launched their own facebook messenger ( only for windows ) .

Google Now - Life Changing Innovation

At the Google I/O , google just amazed everyone when their google now presentation ended . Everyone was thinking about a fruit , yea apple . Google now is somewhere around a tonne times better and innovative than Apple's Siri voice assistant is !!

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean - Faster and Better

After a few months of rumors and leaked news , Google has landed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to its Inside Outside just an hour ago . This firmware update makes the android experience even more buttery  and smooth all around .

Wednesday, June 27

Google Inside Outside - Expected Changes

After Google put up their new Android bot in their android park at their headquarters , everyone is asking what it is . People , that is the new firmware update for android 4 to 4.1 and has been name Android jelly bean . Google always come up fresh and new ideas for the name of their updates , for example - android 2.3 is called gingerbread , android 4.0 is called and now , android 4.1 will be called jelly bean .

Well , the most expected date of their launch is tomorow (yes , that early) at their Google I/O (Inside Outside) . Its a few hours away from now , and I think you would be excited .

Tuesday, June 26

Reason to buy a PS3 - Exclusive Games

So this article is going to tell you all the reasons that would beg you to buy a ps3 and not xbox 360 .

If you want a breakdown of hardware aspect of the war between PS3 and Xbox 360 - go here 
Who wins motion controlled games ? Kinect or Move

As the title suggests , The main reason to buy a Sony ps3 is the list of the amazing games that are available in the market . Did you know that Sony PS3 has 200 exclusives till date ! Compared to Xbx 360 - they have 150 . You must be saying that 150 is also not bad  but when you see the games , you will come to know that sony PS3 exclusives are better . The only Microsoft Xbx 360 exclusive that can be compared are HALO series and  Gears of War series .

Monday, June 25

Best Smartphone to buy now which is not iPhone

Looking for a smartphone and you do not want to wait till this fall when apple is most likely to launch the new iPhone 5 ? Well , you came to the right place . Do not worry , there are many selections that can be made .

Actually , there are so many great smartphone choices open in the market , that you may get a dilemma for finding your perfect match . The top 3 smartphones to buy right now excluding iPhone 4s are -

1) HTC One X 

After Htc , the Taiwanese giant , faced some financial setbacks this year , they have now opted to make fewer phones of better quality . They launched their One series this year and it is a bomb . The highest grossing phones of one series are Htc One X and Htc One V .

Htc One X offers a great 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 capacitive touchscreen and its outdoor visibility is up to mark . A 1.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor with NVIDIA tegra chip will make your world speedy as hell . The phone comes pre-installed android ics 4.0.3 . The camera on this phone is exceptional , 8mp primary and 1.3 mp secondary . Internal storage is 32 GB without any upgradable memory option  .

  • Extend Phone Battery Life

    While I was surfing the web , I read and liked this post :

    Five not so obvious ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone

    "  W
    hile smartphones are taking on many of the features of personal computers, it is not really practical to leave them plugged into a wall throughout the day. This is a problem as apps, navigation services and faster network connections are causing our batteries to run out of juice more quickly than ever. 

    Sunday, June 24

    HTC One X - Review

    Htc One to the power of x , yes that is the latest phone launched by htc , the One X . Apart from a little tweaks and bugs on tegra 3 chip model and the sense 4.0 , This phone has the capability to run over any other phone while running side by side with the samsung galaxy s3 (and some may say add Sony Xperia S to the competition but htc one x narrows sony just by an inch! ) .

    We knew something was coming new to MWC (mobile world congress) when htc launched Titan II at CES . So here we have it , the all new htc one series that has one v , one s and one x .

    Saturday, June 23

    Windows Phone 8 and 7.8

    Bought the new Nokia Lumia 900 or Htc Titan 2 ? I am so sorry to tell you that , in an year , your phone will be outdated . Windows phone 8 will be coming in nokia and htc handsets from this fall . What's the biggest thing , WP 7.5 is not upgradable to WP 8 .

    Did you notice something new in windows surface ? Yes they changed their logo to a new tiled sharp and distorted logo which is better than the old one .

    Wednesday, June 20

    Microsoft unveils Surface

    With this launch , Microsoft has taken an unusual step . The Windows OS makers will now be competitors with their partners who use their OS . Isn't that weird .

    Tuesday, June 19

    HTC One V - Review

    Not long ago , HTC unveiled it's new One series and they hit us with 3 of them (sony did that too with their NXT series) namely , One V , One S and their current flagship One X .
    Htc one v is just a level ahead of the entry level smartphones as it comes with pre-installed android 4 . Even Sony Xperia S is struggling to get that !

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Review

    Android users can now boo over the hyped iOS as the world has welcomed a new beast , the Samsung Galaxy S3 . The S3 comes comes in 3 different variants according to its internal memory - 16GB , 32GB , 64GB but the memory issue can be neglected as it comes with a microSD slot upto 64GB .

    This phone stands as the Korean Company's flagship . Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note , S3 is also somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet . With Galaxy S2's great success and sales , Samsung had to come up with a sequal that has better hardware , performence and oh , better looks with unique features (spoilers) . It's rivals can be HTC One X and the Sony Xperia S and (the over hyped ) iPhone 4s .  

    Monday, June 18

    Sony Xperia U - Review

    In the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 , Sony unveiled its new flagship of the its new NXT series, the Sony Xperia S . Along with this Sony also showed off Xperia P and Xpeia U which look are similar in looks with Xperia S . Sony made a smart move , launching 3 phones at 3 different retail prices which will appeal to consumers .

    Sony Xperia U