Wednesday, July 24

New Nexus 7 with Android 4.3

New Nexus 7 has been announced at the meeting . We've heard and seen many rumors of this in the preceding days and hours . All of them came to be true !

The highlights of the event are the NEW NEXUS 7 and the ANDROID 4.3 JELLY BEAN

Google (Nexus 7 successor?) Announcement Event !

Google just put up a live stream video for today's event on youtube . We highly suspect that this is the event in which the Google Nexus 7's unnamed successor and the Google MotoX are gooing to be announced given that the event's name is "Google Announcement Event" .

Don't miss out the event . Watch it here on Technism Today . It starts at 9:00 am PT / 12 pm ET which is just over about 2 and a half hours !

Tuesday, July 23

Nokia Lumia 625 - Big and Affordable

Nokia unveiled its latest offering , the Nokia Lumia 625 . The device has the biggest screen (4.7")ever seen on a windows mobile operating system . The best part is that it is in the affordable range of smartphones . The phone doesn't stop here , it goes on to pack 4G LTE technology also .

Monday, July 22

How to : Run Computer Faster in 10 ways

Tired of slow Computer ?
Did you notice that your PC runs slower than usual or before ? Are you frustrated by the fact that your PC is getting old and is not able to fulfil your demands ?

Try these proven methods to reclaim the speed that your computer can deliver .

Tuesday, July 16

HTC Mini and HTC Max to launch by September

We've heard many rumors of the HTC One Mini that is going to take on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini . Recently , people over at Mobilegeeks know what's going over with Htc . They are saying that an insider told them that Htc's One Mini is going to be announced by the end of July'2013 !


Htc One with Htc One Mini