Monday, July 15

Nokia Lumia 1020 hands-on videos

Its been a couple of days since the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the incredible 41 mp sensor camera was announced and showed off in the event . This post holds every video you should watch if you want to know all about lumia 1020 .

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Google MotoX video Leaked

We have been seeing many rumors and indications that google is working on a new device called the MotoX. This is the first leak that has shown us a supposedly a real look of the phone and even said about the releasing window . Google has been quiet in its I/O about this , but it seems that the wait was not for the bad.

Below are the features of the phone that are shown by the leaked video :

Hands free Voice Commands

MotoX with Hands Free Voice Command feature

The main feature that we have been craving for , since google showed it off in its expo earlier ,was the hands free voice commands . As the video narrates , the MotoX will listen to your voice and memorise it . The next time you can give a command even when the device is on standby . You can activate this feature by calling out " OK Google Now ....." and it will start listening . The thing that bothers us is the battery usage of this feature . Since the phone will try to track your voice even when on standby , it would be using is physical memory .