Wednesday, July 24

Google (Nexus 7 successor?) Announcement Event !

Google just put up a live stream video for today's event on youtube . We highly suspect that this is the event in which the Google Nexus 7's unnamed successor and the Google MotoX are gooing to be announced given that the event's name is "Google Announcement Event" .

Don't miss out the event . Watch it here on Technism Today . It starts at 9:00 am PT / 12 pm ET which is just over about 2 and a half hours !

Maybe this is the event for unveiling of the brand new Android 4.3/5 Key Lime Pie !
You never know what is google up to and may surprise us by something that we're not expecting . Google has many tricks up its sleeves .

New Nexus 7's front
New Nexus 7's back 

What do you think it is going to be ? MotoX ? new Nexus 7 ? new Nexus 4 ? let your thoughts roll on the comment section below . 

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