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Sony PS3 vs Microsoft Xbox 360


- 3 times the processing speed of PS3
- Uses DVDs for games (means faster loading times)
- Xbox Live (Exclusive content ranging from demos, to movies, to facebook, to fully functional ESPN (coming soon))
- Kinect (formerly known as "Project Natal" will be released in November, enabling up to 4 people on one system to play controller free!)

- Live costs $50/year (however this price is justified by the available content)
- Can't play Bluray (some see this as a pro due to Bluray's brutal load times)


- PSN (Playstation Network) is free
- Plays Bluray (this allows more data meaning bigger games, but longer load times)
- Playstation Move (Essentially a very high quality Wiimote, sensing your movement in 3D space and recreating it in the game)
- Full 3D exclusives will soon be available (3DTV required)

- Processing power is 3 times less than that of an Xbox.
- Lacking content on PSN

• quiet
• built in wi-fi
• full 1080p HD
• plays DVD's
• online content
• all-in-one box (pay $300 for either system and receive everything you might need, unless you want a second controller)



Round 1 – Design
Here, the PS3 takes it, even though i think it looks like a George Foreman Grill, which I suppose it does from a certain angle. I can’t believe the Xbox 360′s controller is given top marks though because personally I find it a little too childish and gimmicky for my liking.
Round 2 – Features
PS3 = Blu-ray, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Xbox 360 = none of the above. A perfect score for the PS3, and rightly so, seeing as its feature set is probably the most rounded and fulfilling of that seen on any home console ever.

Round 3 – Online Gaming
The Xbox 360 takes this round comfortably thanks to the ease of using Xbox Live, and the new Netflix compatibility. However, I can’t understand the scoring really when PSN is free and isn’t as bad as i made out.

Round 4 – Graphics
This round is a joke and for me, calls out the three judges as Xbox fanboys. On multi-platform games, the Xbox 360 apparently shades it – maybe, maybe not, but I think it’s too close to call either way. But platform exclusives? I’m sorry but the PS3 takes this crown by a mile. PS3's awesome blue ray definition gives the Best Picture Quality. As stated, there is nothing that compares to Metal Gear Solid 4 , Killzone 2, GOD OF WAR 3...... so why the draw?
Round 5 – Games
Xbox 360 – Gears of War and Halo. PS3 – Metal Gear Solid 4 , Little Big Planet , Killzone 2 , GOD OF WAR 3 . Just by the titles of the games i can tell that .... umm .... PS3 is the winner ....clearly though ...
Round 6 – Value For Money
Apparently, being the best Blu-ray player on the market and having an astounding range of exclusive games either out or coming out soon doesn’t warrant an extra $100. Sure, the PS3 could do with a price cut but I’d still say it’s very good value for money even at its current price. And to those people who say that xbox 360 is more worth it .... they might not know that a person has to spend on additional costs like : Xbox LIVE ( $ 75 / year ) , the batteries and other equipments which would make a total sum of somewhere around of sony's console .



Here’s an interesting chart favoring the PS3 in comparison of the features and price of the new PS3 slim against the 360 arcade, pro and elite. What the chart doesn’t include are the lack of games, the exclusives and the quality of the multiplayer system. But, just based on features listed in the chart, you can see we have to say that PS3 is a much more value for money .



And the answer is below

The PS3 has a fail rate of around 10% whereas the 360 is at like 50%. although the new 360 slim just came out so maybe Microsoft fixed this problem. I hope so, we'll see.

Graphically, PS3 game exclusives look MUCH better than 360 exclusives. however, multiplat. games tend to look better on the 360 since most developers make the games on the 360 first and port 'em to the ps3.

This ones easy. PS3 uses BLU-RAY DISC (like 25 GB) and the Xbox 360 uses DVDs (4 GB)

Many people will argue that the 360 controller feels better than the PS3 controller (which I agree with) but the PS3 controller still feels great, and more importantly, doesn't require batteries like the 360 controllers. this is a big advantage for PS3 owners because, lets be honest, buying batteries is expensive and just sucks. the PS3 has a detachable charging cable you plug right into the PS3 so no extra money needs to be spent on the controllers.

And there are much more ....



Ps3 kick the 360s ass I dont care what anyone says .Ps3 has an amazing system, Internet Browser, free online, better games, better graphics Ps3 looks more realistic, some people think the 360s are better but they are not just because the screen and texture is brighter doesent mean its better, no 360 game can beat god of war 3 or uncharted 2, Metal gear solid rising is coming out on the 360, now how the hell are they gonna fit it on the 360. The Ps3 also has blue ray which is incredible, Motion control, its quieter with built in wifi. The online is even amazing dont listen to any stupid rumours saying its not good cause its as good if not better than the 360s. The 360 gets the red ring of death even the new 360 slim I think has had a few problems I saw a few videos about it.

Finally the new 360 slim doesent make noise,it also has built in wifi, it took them long enough to do that, somethin like 5 years, hell even the nintendo wii had wifi back then, welcome to the present. The online on the 360 is good you get what you pay for but still have to pay plus the membership and the new 360 slim is just a way to try and make more money, thats all they care about. I think its a bit of a copy of the Ps3 slim, so if any 360 slim fan liked the Ps3 slim then they like the Ps3 slim. In my opinion the only really good thing about the 360 is Halo thats it!



that's what my recommendation is ..... with the above data and videos and more number of people supporting the sony's console ..... so .. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON ?


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