Wednesday, January 25

Top 3 phones launched at CES 2012

This year's CES was not so good as we didn't see many new phones or updates coming up but then also you always get something new that is better than the previous one .
As CES has dropped its little bombs over the International market , We at TECHNISM TODAY have selected the best smartphones that were unveiled in front of us .
If you want all the phones launched at the event head over to the CES 2012 tab on the top of the page .

Anyways , The phones that we think will top the sales charts of the producers are (by rank) :

1) Nokia Lumia 900
Everyone was expecting a new range of Nokia Windows phones and they hit us with 3 of them , namely , Lumia series (710 , 800 , 900) .

This phone is specially made for attracting  US markets and to sustain the brand's name in the league of smartphones .

This phone has the same look as the lumia 800 and N9 , which is a good thing , with some boosted up specifications of its predecessor .

We expect that this product would boom in the market.

2) HTC TITAN II - 16 mp camera 

If you were flaunting your way with your new HTC Titan , you better not now because its successor is already here !!

The most attractive thing about this model is that this phone holds 16 MP camera , which means a lot .

Before this smartphone we acknowledged Nokia N8's camera to be the best with it's Carl lens , but now that day is also gone .

This phone is going to top the charts of AT&T .

3) Sony Xperia Ion 

Another major phone manufacturer, besides Nokia, has decided to try its luck on the lucrative U.S. market - Sony. With Ericsson left completely out of the equation, Sony has introduced its Xperia ion - a pumped up smartphone equipped with a giant 4.55" HD screen, a snappy 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and LTE. 

Of course, Sony knew that it has no chance in the U.S. if it doesn't have a strong partner, which is why it has scored an exclusivity deal with AT&T. We don't know about you, but we feel that the Xperia ion will be one of the better smartphones this year.

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