Thursday, June 28

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean - Faster and Better

After a few months of rumors and leaked news , Google has landed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to its Inside Outside just an hour ago . This firmware update makes the android experience even more buttery  and smooth all around .


GOOGLE NOW ( Siri killer )

'Google Now' is a new form of search that ties your browsing and navigation histories together to anticipate your needs. Basically it searches for you based on the time and your location trying to predict things that you will ask 
Google Now pretty much tells you everything you want to know without even having to ask for it. Amazing.

Lag problem sorted out

One of the main complaints that come from Android users is that , the phone has lag issues even on the highest-end phones . This complaint was addressed by google , for which the solution it came up is called the project butter  . Project Butter comes with triple buffering so that CPU and GPU can work togethor , without waiting for each other . Not clear ? This project means virtually all actions faster than before !!

More Responsive System

Jelly Bean will really anticipate where fingers touch the screens and even where they will touch next .

Power Efficiency

When the system is not in use , Jelly Bean will dial the CPU back to lower the frequency i.e. it is going to make some apps sleep .

Resizable Widgets

When revolving around with home screens , with a widget on your finger , you no longer have to worry about the space left on that home screen . Jelly Bean automatically resizes the widgets and they will fit into your home screen .

More Languages 

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will come with 18 new languages for wide acceptance around the world .

Offline Voice Detection

Typing with voice command is no longer network dependent . It's now squeezed into the internal system so that you can dictate to your android device even when you don't have network coverage . This feature will launch in initially in English only , with more languages coming soon 

Improved Voice Search

Jelly Bean has the knowledge Google's search engine has built and responds to all your questions in a natural way ( one step closer to siri ) . 

Better Notifications System 

Notifications about new messages , missed calls or whatsapp messages are becoming richer 
than ever on android with JB . Notifications , with JB , will have the capability to expand and collapse or even tweaked by you .


Now even blind user can use jelly bean devices by using Gsture Mode to reliably navigate the UI touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output . 


Samsung Galaxy Nexus , Nexus S , Nexus 7 (new tablet) and Mototrola Xoom will be the first ones to get this update over the air . For these 2 devices the release date is set for mid - July .


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