Tuesday, June 19

HTC One V - Review

Not long ago , HTC unveiled it's new One series and they hit us with 3 of them (sony did that too with their NXT series) namely , One V , One S and their current flagship One X .
Htc one v is just a level ahead of the entry level smartphones as it comes with pre-installed android 4 . Even Sony Xperia S is struggling to get that !


Htc one v has a familiar design that of htc ridge . The bottom panel of the phone is directed upwards in a curvy way , a little like the old telephones , but it looks cool . All the corners are rounded just like the phones in htc one category of smartphones . It is quite a slim phone at 9.24 mm with a 3.7 inch screen .
The back of the phone has a matt rubbery surface which doesn't let scratches to pile up like in metal or plastic body phones , smart move by htc . The phone comes in 2 colours - jupiter rock and gun grey

SCREEN AND DISPLAY___________________________________________________________

This phone has 3.7 inch super lcd 2 screen with corning gorilla glass . The display resolution of the phone is not as good as that of sony xperia u but not bad either . Sony xperia u has 280 ppi , htc one v has 252 ppi which matches nokia lumia 710 .
The screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels which is like the least bar of what a smartphone's display has to be.   The responsiveness of the screen is not as good as xperia u or other higher-end smartphones .

HARDWARE & SOFTWARE________________________________________________________

Htc one v has 1 Ghz single core processor which is not up to the mark but gets the job done . It has 512 MB of RAM . There is not camera shutter button on the right side of the phone which is a disappointment .
It has only 4GB of internal memory , another issue , yet resolved by the holy microSD card slot of compatibility upto 32 GB .

The biggest upside of the phone is that it comes pre-installed with android 4 , so no need to wait for ICS update like sony has done to their nxt series buyers . HTC Sense 4.0 is the latest UI by htc and they put it in this one . Htc sense 4 won't turn up many people as it does not amuse people .

A bonus for those who need more space apart from internal and external memory is the free 2 year subscription of Dropbox , the online cloud service which is very helpful in stroring data from anywhere as a backup .

CAMERA ______________________________________________________________________

The phone is packed with a 5mp camera which is good enough to take pics in outdoors as well as indoors . Using this phone's camera is a fun experience because of its different available shooting/capturing modes.
It also has an LED flash . It shoots videos at 1280 x 720 resolution which really nice .

Other cool features of the camera include Auto Focus , BSI sensor , Geo tagging , Continuous shooting and some more . But , but , but , you have to do it without the feel of a camera i.e. the camera button on the body is missing .

PROs_______________________                       CONS__________________________
1. Android 4 comes pre-installed                            1. No Camera button
2. 3.7 inch screen is good                                       2. A little costlier
3. Slim phone                                                         3. Single core processor 
4. MicroSD card slot                                              4. Sony xperia u narrows one v out                                             

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  1. I would like to discuss some disadvantages of this mobile, So people are able to take decision that whether to buy this mobile or not,

    1) Only 1GB of the 4GB internal storage is available to the user
    2) No front-facing camera
    3) Non-user-replaceable battery
    4) Some competing smartphones have dual-core CPUs

    Thanks for your in-depth review on HTC One V

    IT support Pasadena

  2. Thanks for your comment !
    And yes , you typed the disadvantages of this phone correctly .
    In my opinion , xperia U is a step ahead of this phone mainly because of the dual core processor and great picture quality .


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