Wednesday, June 20

Microsoft unveils Surface

With this launch , Microsoft has taken an unusual step . The Windows OS makers will now be competitors with their partners who use their OS . Isn't that weird .

They called so many reporters around the world just tell them about their new product which will not be in the market for months . The most disappointing part of the conference was that there was no demonstration video , no pricing detail or shipment details .

Though they presented a cinematic video of the new Microsoft surface , but there was just no information about its technological aspects .

The photographs of the Surface look good , leaving you with wanting more of it .

It seems like microsoft did this conference in little bit of hurry so as to suppress people from buying apple iPad 3 , Playbook , Galaxy Tab or any other slates .

The tab can be attached with a detachable keyboard which comes in 5 different vibrant colours and the keyboard is very sleek which looks great . On the awkward side , when you attach the keyboard it looks like a laptop resting on a screen when looked from the side .

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